Marble Polishing Company in Dubai, Floor Polishing Services in Dubai, Marble & Tiles Floors

Marble Polishing Company in Dubai, Floor Polishing Services in Dubai, Marble & Tiles Floors

Marble Cleaning and Polishing Services

All natural stone surfaces used in flooring require some level of maintenance, regardless of the level of us. Whilst marble is generally regarded as being one of the tougher materials used for flooring, it remains vital to properly care for it, since it is also highly sought after and expensive to replace. Many owners of marble floors favour it for it’s ability to be honed to a dazzling shine, unfortunately this is one of the first features to be lost to general wear and tear. It is also important to maintain a high quality professional seal on marble flooring, since despite its apparent toughness it is still vulnerable to damage from moisture, particularly acidic spills. Marble flooring in kitchen and dining areas tends to suffer the worst and may need cleaning and sealing more regularly than other areas.

Without risking damage from the use of unsuitable cleaning solutions. Avoid off-the-shelf products for Marble cleaning since this sensitive material can be damaged surprisingly easily by the from solutions. Our specialist marble cleaning service utilises the latest technology, to restore the mirror shine to marble flooring in foyers, hotel lobbies, shopping centres across the UAE. Daily use and heavy foot traffic will cause dents and scuffs to your marble floors, these little grooves then start to fill with dust and grit that layer up and are impossible to remove with just a standard mop and off the shelf floor cleaner – no matter what they promise.


  • Marble floor grinding polishing
  • Marble cleaning
  • Granite floor cleaning polishing
  • Natural stone cleaning polishing and sealing
  • Ceramic tiles cleaning polishing

We remove the dirt and even out the scuffs and scratches restoring an even surface to your marble, it is this smooth blemish free surface that makes your marble reflect light and shine. The light picks up the natural colours in the floor giving you a unique floor like no other. After cleaning, we can offer you multiple different maintenance options and floor sealants to help you keep this shine as long as possible.

Commercial clients rely on us to provide an outstanding quality of clean, delivered safely, efficiently and at times convenient to the customer. If your business has opening hours which restrict access to our team simply advise us of this and we will do all we can to accommodate you. Our trained, experienced and friendly team complete the work safely and efficiently with as little disruption as possible to both your staff and customers. We offer our marble polishing with a rapid turnaround so you experience absolutely minimal downtime and maximum enjoyment of your stunning marble flooring. Ask us about our low dust and residue system that significantly reduces your general cleaning requirements. Call today to book your City Serve floor cleaning service.

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Wall Painting Service:

Are you looking for interior house painters that are local, reliable and the best at what they do? Does the idea of painting the walls of your home fill you with dread? If you want to get the best results with minimal fuss, then make City Serve Painters your first choice when you need to connect with expert painting contractors. From preparing your interior walls and ceilings to achieving a neat, professional finish, Handy will put you in touch with the right people for the job. Customize your request by specifying your job details, from how many painters you need to how long you’ll need them. We’ll connect you with the painting professionals that suit you best with no compromise on quality.

Air Duct Cleaning Service:

Move in deep cleaning dubai

Ventilation Duct Cleaning must be carried out at least once every two years to fulfil legal requirements and to maintain a safe and healthy environment. City Serve provides a full Ductwork Cleaning service including inspections and filter cleaning to ensure maximum safety and compliance for your building. Air passing through the duct work can then carry these allergens and pathogens into the building. Without adequate and regular Duct Cleaning, the ventilation system designed to provide building occupants with clean, fresh air, could be doing the exact opposite, with potentially serious consequences.

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