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Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Tiles & Grout Cleaning Services

Can you remember how sparkling clean your tile and grout looked when you had it put in ? And for most of us the mop and bucket, and kneeling on the hard floor with a scrubbing brush are the cleaning tools of choice. This will be ok at first, but eventually you will notice the grout lines getting darker in the high traffic zone areas.

Over time, fatty soils start to break down and turn acidic in the grout joints and all porous areas of the tile and this actually eats at the grout and tile.  Mopping and scrubbing will no longer do the job.

Don’t worry… our powerful van mounted cleaning system, with it’s high water pressure will blast through and separates dirt, grease and grime from the grout and tile surface. If your floor has been sealed this should be all you need to restore the natural beauty of your tile and grout quickly and economically.

Unfortunately, most people forget or don’t realise you can have your tile floor sealed and protected. An unsealed floor especially porous grout can be stained by dirty mop water, resulting in spotty stains and dark grubby grout lines. This cleaning process will remove all surface grime, but may uncover hidden stains.

It’s a good idea to protect your investment and have your tile and grout sealed, so that they stay sparkling clean and you save time and money !!!

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