Painting and decorating services are available for residential and commercial customers.

 Internal Painting

CITY SERVE Painters has over 3 years’ experience of carrying out all aspects of decorating internally and externally for residential customers. Over that period we have worked for hundreds of residential customers.

Residential decorating requires care and appreciation of the fact that you are working in the customer’s private space. Protection of furnishings, floor-coverings and personal effects are of particular importance, as is the interaction and communication between customer and the workers, we emphasize these points in our dealings with customers.

Internal Painting:



External Painting:


We specialise in a professional and full restoration service on a comprehensive range of wooden.

  • Wooden Doors– dipped, stripped and finished by hand
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Garden FurnitureOur service is also an important way of helping the environment. By restoring your doors and furniture we are helping with woodland conservation.
Property Size Charges for Apartment Charges for Villa
Studio Apartment AED 450/-
1 Bedroom AED 750/- AED 850/-
2 Bedroom AED 1050/- AED 1,550/-
3 Bedroom AED 1,750/- AED 2,400/-
4 Bedroom AED 2,300/- AED 3,650/-
5 Bedroom AED 3,500/- AED 4,800/-

Note1: The Above prices are for White/Off-white (Current color also has to be same), for different colors quotation will be provided on request.

Note2: The above prices are only for Walls, ceiling paint cost will be provided on request.