Marble Floor Crystallisation in Dubai

Marble Floor Crystallisation in Dubai

Marble Floor Crystallisation service Company in Dubai

Without risking damage from the use of unsuitable cleaning solutions. Avoid off-the-shelf products for Marble cleaning since this sensitive material can be damaged surprisingly easily by the from solutions. Our specialist marble cleaning service utilises the latest technology, to restore the mirror shine to marble flooring in foyers, hotel lobbies, shopping centres across the UAE. Daily use and heavy foot traffic will cause dents and scuffs to your marble floors, these little grooves then start to fill with dust and grit that layer up and are impossible to remove with just a standard mop and off the shelf floor cleaner – no matter what they promise.


  • Marble floor grinding polishing
  • Marble cleaning
  • Granite floor cleaning polishing
  • Natural stone cleaning polishing and sealing
  • Ceramic tiles cleaning polishing

We remove the dirt and even out the scuffs and scratches restoring an even surface to your marble, it is this smooth blemish free surface that makes your marble reflect light and shine. The light picks up the natural colours in the floor giving you a unique floor like no other. After cleaning, we can offer you multiple different maintenance options and floor sealants to help you keep this shine as long as possible.