Move In – Out Cleaning

Move In – Out Cleaning

Professional Move in DEEP CLEANING Services – Apartment, Villa & House Deep Steam Cleaners in Dubai

Moving homes can be a pain in the neck. And if you desire to get your deposit back then you have your work cut out- the demand of cleaning the property can be daunting. But before you despair, know that you can please your landlord with City Serve Cleaning Dubai’ superb end of tenancy cleaning. Sure, you want the property to look its best and claim your deposit without fuss; so do we.
We are Warrington’s premier and most trusted full-service cleaning company that provides reliable move in cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning service that will guaranty that your landlord will be satisfied with the condition of the property at the end of your rent.
  • How does our Move in Cleaning & End Of Tenancy cleaning program work?
  • Fully Guaranteed for 3 Days
  • Flexible Payment option
  • Fully Insured
  • Oven Cleaning Including
  • All materials and equipment included
  • Affordable Rates
  • Available on a short notice
  • Landlords and Estate Agents appoved checklist
  • Carpets & Upholstery cleaning at discourted price
  • Fixed price service, regardless how long it will take
  • Invoice is provided

We start with a thorough detail-clean throughout your house. Our team thoroughly clean your house, with special attention on your kitchen, bathrooms, entire house, sleeping and living areas. No part of the property is overlooked- we will not only clean the obvious areas, but even the hard to reach areas/ seldom remembered parts like the skirting board and areas behind the radiators will receive a facelift. That’s not all, while other cleaners will avoid or charge you extra fees for services like , oven cleaning, we will get on with these free of charge. We guard our reputation for delivering great results jealously that’s why for each project we set out with the determination to outdo our very own high standards. Simply put, when it comes to restoring any property to the best condition we are your safest bet, because:

  • If you’re not satisfied with the job done, we will be glad to provide a re-clean at no extra cost.
  • We provide stunning and cost-effective move in cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning services. No hidden charges, no delays, just highly responsible professionals and exceeding the expectations of each client.
  • A Quality Manager is always on hand to ensure the cleaning is done just like you want it.
  • When it comes to health and safety, we use only detergents, chemicals, and techniques that won’t hurt people or the environment.

Scope Of Works (Details Service)

  • All skirting boards dusted & cleaned
  • All door frames dusted & cleaned
  • All door cleaned and handles & locks polished
  • All light switches cleaned and polished
  • All electrical sockets cleaned & polished
  • All fitted/free-standing wardrobe/cupboard doors dusted and cleaned
  • All wardrobe/cupboard hinges dusted & cleaned
  • Walls and Ceilings dusted and cobwebs removed
  • Light fittings dusted and cleaned
  • Flooring vacuumed/ swept & Mopped
  • Mirrors & frames dusted & cleaning
  • Windows frames cleaned internally
  • Windows glass cleaned internally
  • All rugs moved, vacuumed & replaced
  • Mattresses vacuumed & turned where applicable
  • As per all interior rooms
  • All bathroom fixtures cleaned & polished
  • Wash Basin, bath & shower areas descaled and cleaned
  • Shower screens descaled & polished
  • Waste removed from toilet bowl where possible
  • Toilet cleaned & sanitised
  • Toilet cistern cleaned

Kitchens, Ovens & Extractor Hood & appliances – STEAM CLEANING

  • Ovens
    Interior professionaly de-greased
    Door glass removed & cleaned (where design allows)
    All cooker fitments removed & cleaned

  • Microwaves
    Glass tray removed & cleaned
    Internal walls, top & base cleaned
    Internal glass door cleaned
    Exterior cleaned & polished
    Flex & plug degreased and cleaned

  • Dishwasher
    Exterior cleaned and polished
    Interior cleaned & polished
    Filter cleaned

  • Washing machine
    Insidedrum cleaned
    Rubber seal cleaned inside & out, mould may not be removed
    Glass door cleaned
    Soap dispenser washed & cleaned
    Exterior washed & cleaned

  • Fridge & Freezer
    Shelves & food compartments removed & cleaned
    Internal walls & base cleaned
    Rubber seal to door cleaned
    Exterior door & handle cleaned
    Freezer/ freezer compartment must be emptied and full defrosted beforehand

  • Kitchens
    Cupboard interiors, door & handles & polished
    Wall tiles cleaned degreased and polished
    Worktops cleaned & buffed where applicable
    Stainless steel appliances left smear free
    Limescale removed from sink & taps
    All chrome/metal plated surfaces polished
    Under sink area & U-bend cleaned
    All kick boards cleaned
    All areas between cupboard & appliances cleaned where possible
    Bin emptied, interior & exterior cleaned
    Kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware can be cleaned for and additional fee



Are you looking for interior house painters that are local, reliable and the best at what they do? Does the idea of painting the walls of your home fill you with dread? If you want to get the best results with minimal fuss, then make City Serve Painters your first choice when you need to connect with expert painting contractors. From preparing your interior walls and ceilings to achieving a neat, professional finish, Handy will put you in touch with the right people for the job. Customize your request by specifying your job details, from how many painters you need to how long you’ll need them. We’ll connect you with the painting professionals that suit you best with no compromise on quality.


Ventilation Duct Cleaning must be carried out at least once every two years to fulfil legal requirements and to maintain a safe and healthy environment. City Serve provides a full Ductwork Cleaning service including inspections and filter cleaning to ensure maximum safety and compliance for your building.  Air passing through the duct work can then carry these allergens and pathogens into the building. Without adequate and regular Duct Cleaning, the ventilation system designed to provide building occupants with clean, fresh air, could be doing the exact opposite, with potentially serious consequences.

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