Wall Painting Company in Dubai, Painting Services in Dubai

Wall Painting Company in Dubai, Painting Services in Dubai

Wall Painting Company in Dubai, Painting Services in Dubai


Wall painting Services

Do you need to refresh your home? A quick coat of paint should do the job! You can paint your house in many different colours to match your style and suit the vibe of your home. A new coat of paint will bring fresh life into your interior.

CITY SERVE use the best quality products available for our wall painting services, which have all the necessary certificates!

Our highly qualified professionals have many years of experience and use the latest technology! Colour psychology! How does paint colour affect your mood and the vibe of your room?

Did you ever notice that paint colours have a strong effect on how we feel when we enter a space? If the answer is yes then you will realise the importance of picking a colour for any given space. For example if you choose the colour blue for your bedroom, it will add a calming affect. The colour blue is known to be gentle and relaxing to the eye and it even helps to regulate and slow your breathing. Another example is painting your kitchen yellow, this colour will increase your energy and create a positive atmosphere in your interior. Now, let’s say that you are a homeowner looking to paint a small space and you do not want to look cramped, we have a trick for you. The trick is to paint the walls white. We know that white is scary to people because it becomes easily dirty and it makes the perfect canvas for your little ones to doodle, but it gives the illusion of a bigger space and is also very pleasing to the eye.

What wall painting techniques do we use?

When we paint walls the first thing we do is prepare the surface. We prepare the surface by sanding down every imperfection, patching up every hole and creating an even surface. Remember that no matter the quality of the paint, if there is a hole or crack on the wall it will not cover it. So we must prepare the surface before moving onto the next step. The next step is applying primer before painting. The primer helps the colour apply better and stay longer. Another step is we cover your floors to avoid damaging them while wall painting. Buying plastic covers and later throwing them away is less expensive than re-modelling your floor. We also use extension poles to help us get to those tricky spots. Most importantly though, we know how to store the paint overnight so that is stays top quality.

What is the cost of hiring a team to paint the walls in my home?

The cost of wall painting will vary from the type of paint, the size of the space you want to paint and the number of colours that you want to use. Furthermore, if you want stencil designs on your walls as opposed to a single coloured paint, this will also cost extra. However, the wall painting service is worth it because your home will look brand new.

When your home needs a small refresher or perhaps your vision of home decor has changed, we suggest our wall painting services. Painting your walls can give each room a mood and create an unforgettable atmosphere. The vast array of colours will be able to match your needs and meet your demands.